1. Claudio Malagrino

    Wow, Natalia had a lot of work with all these packs. Congratulations!

    1. Marcus


      I was surprised too, but in real life, they probably would have packaging to protect them during shipment, and would take up way more space. I packed them in pretty tight in the illustration.

  2. stonysmith

    Funny story… a customer asked me how many items I could put in one batch, and in the same email, asked what was the largest item that I could print at once.

    I showed him this model: http://shpws.me/3XYE

    If you take that and extend it… you can print just under HALF A MILLION of these trashcans as a single batch.

    But.. the batch will cost you $29,000

    Plus $6.25 shipping.

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