SEEJ : The First Game Designed to Advance 3D Printing

Seej is an Open Source tabletop wargame designed to advance the state of 3D printing through competition and player-directed evolution.

Players 3D Print their own armaments and fortifications for use in battle.

The rules to Seej are open source and infinitely expandable. Seej is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License.

At a minimum, players need a siege engine, three flags, and some pennies. Several bloxen are also recommended.

These models are free to download and print from both Shapeways and Thingiverse. They
are also distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike
license, so players are free to modify and remix them for their own
games. Read how to play the game on ZHENG3’s website.

Or you could just shoot pennies across the room….

Seej Battle Flags, pennon


Zheng3 Penny Ballista


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  1. Brian Scott O'keefe

    I’m still waiting for someone to start putting together the pieces for a Warcraft / Warhammer still 3D developed mini’s game where the rules are a Wiki / PDF available for free download and editing… where the races and minis and armament are avialable to be downloaded and customized and ordered through sites like Shapways…

    I want to live in the world where that exists…

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