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Exoskeleton Shoe : Dragon Skulls, Footwear, 3D Printing and a Commission from the Shapeways Forum

The Exoskeleton Shoe is a concept designed by Janina Alleyne & modeled by INNER | LEAF. Janina Alleyne is a very talented Fashion Design Student at De Montfort University in the UK. After requesting in the Shapeways forum for a 3D modeler, INNER | LEAF were delighted to win the commission to model one of her designs. So impressed with the first model, Janina commissioned INNER | LEAF to do her entire range which included 3 shoes and a Hat.

Shapeways 3D Printing Shoe

We are seeing the number of the requests for 3D modelers increase every month to the point that a few of the Shapeways community members are getting a regular income stream from their 3D modeling skills. If you have some design skills you would like to offer for hire you can offer your services in the Shapeways forums so that people who are looking to hire a 3D designer can find you and some of your work.  Many people want to 3D Print their ideas whether they be art, fashion, jewelry, products and architecture, sometime they just need a little help…

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