I Can’t Believe it’s 3D Printed : Amazing Detailed Miniature Model

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When I first saw this image on Flickr by Chuck Doan I really could not understand why it was tagged with Shapeways. It wasn’t until I flicked back to previous images that I could actually see that this chimney was 3D Printed at Shapeways in Frosted Ultra Detail then painted with AMAZING accuracy to be one of the most mind blowing miniatures I have ever seen. 

Chimney installed

3D Model chimney

Scale check


All images by Chuck Doan on Flickr… Awesome work….

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  1. TurtlesAreCool

    Wow, that is truly amazing. The first picture looks like a real, full-size building.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi, I saw your work and I find it extraordinary how it could be just printed in so much details

    I make small scale architectural models , and was wondering if you could shed some light as to what type of software, 3D scanner/printer and router, mould making machines and tools would aid this slow and painfull creative/development process? I started it 17 years ago and technology did not exist for thss type of thing as far as I could gather, I want to resume my work but even though there is a lot of stuff on the internet I really need the advice of someone who has been doing something along similar lines
    I came across your name via reading bathtshebas website comment
    I hope you dont mind and can find a minute to give me some direction
    Many thanks
    sibere rodrigues

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