Learning Solidworks for 3D printing

Every time someone joins the team here at Shapeways, we ask them a short Q&A to try to tease out some of the things that make em special. And since being a character is prerequisite to work here, the responses can be pretty hilarious. We also have the privilege of working with highly creative people, including Greg Dreisen who will be joining the team this August as a Production Planner in our NYC factory of the future.

Here’s a short video he made about learning SolidWorks and using it to print a replica of his 1987 Univega Gran Rally bike Pedal at 40% of the original size, in Red, Strong and Flexible.

Want to join team awesome?? We’re hiring!

In case it’s any added incentive, here’s the Q&A in which Greg shares his views on the future, his love of vehicles, and his superhero alter ego Button Boy…

What is you favorite 3D Printed object?

It is absolutely 3D printed prosthetics. Prosthetic limbs have always been cumbersome with a one-size fits all design that makes their wearers feel alienated from the device. Customized 3D prosthetic limbs blow my mind! They’re an awesome example of precision meets necessity that wasn’t possible before 3D printing.

What does the future look like in 5 years?

We’ll be at the peak of the “app” fad. Drive your car, float your hoverboard, perform surgery and feed your dog from your iThing 15. The future will appear to have experience, a bit of salt and paper wisdom. But once you have a conversation with it you’ll realize it’s your cooky Uncle Joey– just bizarre enough to be the perfect launchpad for crazy new tech.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on?

The Dual Motor Differential I built for the University of California Santa Cruz. My colleagues and I designed a system that replaces a vehicles’ rear mechanical differential with an electronic controller for manipulating two rear wheel motors. Be careful about bringing it up to me, I’ll go into instant geek-out mode.

Who is your superhero alter ego?

Button Boy. He’s a scrawny red haired man who runs lightening fast to your rescue and programs your VCR from 1995. He’s working on new super powers, but often blows his cover and is forced to relocate before he gets inundated with requests to hook up your wireless internet.

What drew you to Shapeways?

3D printing is still magic to me, I want to dissect every part of it. I had been looking at the various aspects of 3D printing, manufacturing and design for a while and was drawn to the community that Shapeways’ rapid growth had created. I wanted to be part of the success and mission to change the way goods are designed, distributed and consumed. Let’s get started!

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