Scanners, Gesture Control, & High Precision 3D Interaction…Oh My!

Inline with the recent advances of the ReconstructMe software package that turns your Microsoft Kinect into a 3D scanner, there are some new developments that may add to, or offer options to what’s already being done.  Check ’em out.

Leap Motion  gesture control with high precision 3D interaction. Claims to be 200x more sensitive than Kinect & at $70 it is quite appealing.  Wondering if this could be used in the same way as Kinect with ReconstructMe to create high-res scans.

Armada Concept 3d scanner device with dual 18mp cameras, aluminum body, & Class II laser (safe on the eyes). Meant to sync with your smart phone via bluetooth.

Matterport  3d scanner technology that boasts the ability to scan entire rooms & environments

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