Looking for some inspiration for your Light Poem?

Hi there!

Next to all the usual ordinary or actually, extraordinary stuff we do at Shapeways, there is now another complete different thing we would like to pronounce.

I’m already here for a year now and I think it’s time to let you know what I’ve done the last couple of months.
During my internship last year I created a passion for global sharing..

Once we knew the first Shapeways Creator should give people the opportunity to express their feelings in a personalized and unique way, I started to think about creating a way to get people inspired.

The Light Poem is a perfect way to tell your loved ones that you love them, in a complete unique and personalized way. With these thoughts (that the Light Poem is a perfect gift of love) I created a whole new concept for people to express their feelings.

The website Share the Love is a brand new community where all kind of expressions of love are brought together.
The website has a database of poems and other expressions of love in several languages.

You can search on category, language or by tag.

You can upload a poem or expression of love in English and or translate it into a language you master.

So, are you looking for some inspiration for your Light Poem? Or are you just curious about this new community?
Have a look at

Share the Love 😉


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