Shapeways Labs Gives You Some Easy Tools to Customize Your Shop and Share Your Designs

As we are working to improve the Shapeways shops there are some features we would like to test before we integrate them fully into the site.  We have updated the Shapeways Labs page to share some of these experimental tools we have been working on but not yet integrated. Many of these tools have been requested by community members and Shapeways Shop owners while others are handy tools to help you share your designs online.

In the Shapeways Shop Mods section we have the Products Sets Mod that generates code you can paste into your product description to make it easier for people to purchase multiple items from your shop in one click.  If you wanted to buy Bathsheba’s Geared Widget that requires 5 parts you can make it easy to add them all to a shoppers cart in one click. This works in your Shapeways Shop, Product Page AND anywhere else you would like to share it like your blog, YouTube or Flickr description…. Please note that this only adds multiple items to a cart, it does not change the way the models are processed, batched, printed or shipped but we wanted to give you a chance to try it out.

Want to get a set?

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Another really common request is to have Product Variants such as the ability to have multiple sizes available to shoppers in one place. This is a great option for jewelry sizes as you can enter the embed code into your product description page for people to choose their size. All of the items can be private and they will still be added to the shopping cart (a great way to tidy up your Shapeways Shop. Please note this is still an experimental stage and does not address all Product Variants scenarios but is a chance to see what works.

Small Medium Large

The Shapeways Product Embeds section is all about making it easier to embed A Single Product, The 3D Viewer, or Combination of Products For Sale on any page, when someone clicks Buy on Shapeways it is added to their shopping cart. The product will be displayed with your default image and default material choice, again, the items can be private and they will still be added to the shopping cart.

Try them out for yourself and please send us links so we can see them in the wild…. Please note that these are experimental tools that do not yet address all use case scenarios for product sets and variants but should be seen as a way to test them out before we offer holistic solutions.

Nano dock – Dock your iPod Nano


Remote dock .


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