Play 2008 and disruption in the bathroom

As announced earlier, Peter and me represented Shapeways at Play 2008. We met a lot of people to share our excitement about Shapeways and being your personal fabrication service. We got many good suggestions, ideas and new friends.

The participants of Play 2008 received an e-mail to participate in a small contest to develop a Light Poem with the most inspiring text on the theme of Disruption (what it means to you… be creative!). Our community member Helen Ip won the contest with the following text:

Disruption happens when a person is about to get up to go to the bathroom the seatbelt light goes ding and comes on.

At Shapeways we had great fun reading this entry. Indeed, it is disruptive and at a place where you least want it to happen to you. Helen Ip’s creativity has won her a free Light Poem :)! If you want to make one yourself go to:

Last but not least: Thank you Play 2008 for inviting us! Many thanks Carlos for your great support and the fun we had. Thank you California for some very welcome sunshine!


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