Introducing Shapeways Shop Inventory Management (BETA)

Selling your 3D Printed designs is getting easier with the recent BETA release of the Shapeways Shop Inventory page.

With the new page you will be able to manage materials availability and default material, markup and retail price (including VAT), you will also be able to specify the display order of your models in default view and as per your model page you will be able to search via your tags. 

The BETA Shapeways Shop Inventory Page gives you the option to manage the order of your models (NOTE: This currently has a bug where the numbers are not automatically shuffled back so you need to assign each location, this will be addressed in the next update). By clicking on the materials on any model will open the popup below where you can then manage the materials, markup and retail price.  By clicking on the product image you will be taken to the Product Edit Page where you can edit description, add images, adjust display settings etc.

Please note that this is the BETA release and if you do not like it you can still use the Old Product Inventory Management tool.

If you encounter any bugs or would like to give feedback, please do do in the forum page set up to cover this latest update.

We would love to know what you think. 

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