3D Printed Case for Raspberry Pi with openlogo and Lego Mountable Feet

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We have seen quite a bit of interest around 3D Printing Raspberry Pi cases and this latest one arrives with Lego connectivity… Very cool

The low profile case for the Raspberry Pi with sloped edges. Large open logo
so the pcb board is visible and an open bottom frame with LEGO feet.
The pcb board is clicked in the bottom part. The USB connector will
stick out the front.
Along the side of the GPIO connector there are some holes, so it is easy to cut out, in order to get a flatcable out.


  1. Wnchell Chung

    The Lego compatible feet are sheer genius. Many prototypers use Lego to rough out their project’s frame.

    1. duann

      Agreed, a great way to connect multiple 3D printed components together too..

  2. filipc

    And now a DIN rail casing, please.

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