Shapeways 3D Printing Service Ranked Most Popular in Statistical Survey

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Shapeways is the most used 3D Printing Service in the recent Survey of the 3D Printing Community conducted with support by the P2P Foundation

Interestingly many of the 358 respondents had never used a service such as Shapeways to do their 3D Printing with many using a RepRap and it’s derivatives like the MakerBot and Ultimaker. Also interesting was that for many 2011 was the first year they used 3D Printing for the first time and just as at Shapeways, the usage of 3D printing is broadly and evenly spread among many uses.

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  1. SG Designs

    Looks like Shapeways has been growing really fast lately. The Netherlands and New York too. Is there a possibility that you guys might expand out of New York? Possibly to the Los Angeles area… hint hint… Looks like you guys in New York are having all the fun. LOL…

  2. Shapeways Blog

    We already mentioned that Shapeways is most popular 3D Printing service in a recent independent survey. Graphs depicting these numbers are all well and good but when they are animated they become all the more convincing…

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