The Places You Love – Told by the 3D Printed Jewelry You Wear

Do you love personalizing things to tell a story about you? Well, now you can personalize your jewelry to tell where you’ve been. Design & Data Visualization geniuses Sha Hwang & Rachel Binx have created Meshu to turn your places into beautiful objects.

Meshu Necklace created by Rachel Binx
“These earrings are my 3 month backpacking trip to Southeast Asia” – Rachel Binx 

You can start creating by zooming and clicking places on the map, searching by address, or jump straight by connecting with Foursquare to pull your check-in data for a particular area.

There’s no limit to the scope of locations you can add, whether it’s across continents or just your local neighborhood, the points are intelligently connected and an abstract piece begins to form. I had fun creating the Meshu below which covers all the places in the world that I loved visiting.

Meshu created by Paul Salisbury
“These are all the places in the world that I loved visiting” – Paul Salisbury

When you’re happy with your creation, select whether you want earrings, cuff links, or a necklace and choose your desired material. If you choose nylon or silver then Meshu ensures it is printable and sends it through to us at Shapeways. To finish your jewelry they attach fasteners or chains and lovingly send it on it’s way to you.

Examples of Meshu designs printed in silver by Shapeways
Examples of Meshu pieces that have been printed in silver by Shapeways

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