Tour of the Shapeways Eindhoven Facility

Shapeways Meetups are a great way to feel the buzz of the community, and the Eindhoven Factory Tour is quite special as you can also experience the whir of the 3D Printers that fabricate your models.

Eindhoven Tour June 2012

Friday’s tour definitely didn’t disappoint, as Kevin, Petra & team lead a group of 15 people around, question after question was answered with ease. One of the great aspects of the Shapies work culture, is that everyone is willing to help out where needed, so they all have hands on experience with the processes and materials.

There were a vast array of printed models on show, and it was interesting seeing people’s excitement as they picked up and played with them. However, for privacy reasons no photos are allowed, so you have to see them in person.

Keep an eye out for the next tour, and if you’re nearby I highly recommend coming along to see the Factory of the Future and the people that make it all possible.


    1. Paul Salisbury

      This is another aspect of the Shapie work culture that I like. Kevin explained that when the team is very busy they set times to take a break and play for 10-15 minutes. This helps to keep the team happy & productive :-)

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