Flickr Your Photos on Friday

We are getting an increasing amount of requests from journalists for high resolution photographs of 3D Printed products.  We do have a catalogue from a number of designers but we need more, more, MORE……

A great way to share your high resolution photographs is to upload them to Flickr, it makes it easy for us and journalists to access images in web and print resolution really quickly.

If you tag you photos with Shapeways we can quickly find photos of your 3D prints and share them with journalists. If you also ad a link to your Shapeways product page it will help people to find your product if they stumble across it in Flickr. We will always credit product and designer to get you as much exposure as possible.

Check out the photography tutorial, take some great photographs, share them on Flickr with the Shapeways tag and we will do our best to get them in front of journalists next time they ask…  

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