Workshops: Design for 3D Printing with Shapeways in Amersfoort, Breda, the Netherlands

Dutch 3D printing lovers are in luck as we’re hosting TWO workshops in the Netherlands in June! 
The first one, on Sunday June 3rd in Amersfoort, focuses on Blender. The teacher is Diana Wildschut, who is one of the founders of the local Fablab there. The session starts at 14.00.
The second workshop is on Friday the 8th of June in Breda, and dives into Google Sketchup with Charlotte Jansen. Charlotte is an experienced jewelry designer, and works at the Protospace Fablab in Utrecht.
Both workshops aim to give you a basic overview of a specific 3D application (Google Sketchup or Blender). During the workshop, you’ll create a design and upload it to Shapeways with the included free printing voucher. Two weeks later you’ll receive your work!

The workshops both cost EUR 40 and include a EUR 15 printing voucher for Shapeways. To participate, please register using the following links:

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