It’s squishy, it’s flexible, it stretches, it bounces, it blends, it’s 3D Printed Black Elasto Plastic!!!!!

Squishy SpringBall by Opresco

Black Elasto Plastic is our first fully flexible material! It is still in the
experimental stages of development, and we are learning more about the
possibilities and restrictions of this material each and every day.
Design, order and give us feedback when your model arrives at your
doorstep! This material will be on trial until the July 20th, 2012,
so get your orders in soon. After the trial, we will review and decide
whether to introduce it permanently, whether we need to change any
design rules, etc.

Flexible Design Rules.

As this material is still in its very early stages of development, we rely on
your feedback to improve our design guidelines (email Nancy from the Contact Us Page
with feedback). Right now, we can make the following suggestions but
please be aware that these rules are flexible and subject to change as we learn more and
more about this amazing material and how to design for it.

Minimum wall & detail: 1.5mm
Minimum clearance: 1.5mm
Minimum hole size for hollow parts: 6.5mm (in diameter)

Check out our Black Elasto Plastic gallery, products available in this squishy material right now:

Elasto Plastic Products Available For Sale Now

What will you make?

Pricing for the trial period will be $2.00 per cubic centimeter with a $3.00 handling fee

Delivery time should be 2 weeks (10 working days) after payment has cleared

Black Elasto Plastic is flexible and stretchy, as the name implies, though it
also has a rough, grainy surface texture. If you rub the models against
another surface, you may see flakes rub off.

We must reiterate this is an experimental material, we have only had a chance to experiment with a small number of geometries and uses so we do not know exactly how it will react under all conditions. That being said we LOVE the material and think you will all have a lot of fun with it but you need to take heed of the design rules and give us as much feedback as possible so we can learn quickly together.

We are really looking forward to seeing your designs stretched to the limit.