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AWN contest – the winners!

“Does your character have character?” Heck yeah! Ranking this contest was awesome as we had an great collection of wonky, cutesy, scary, artistic and simply strange models – we’ve saved the contest gallery, check it out!

In the end it was a *very* close call.. The winner of the $250 free printing coupon is daddymack. His ‘Ode to the Boogieman‘ got your highest votes. Congratulations, daddymack! We’ll carefully print out Looie for you and he’ll be picking his nose on your desk soon!

Runners up were BAROBA’s ‘Cute hamster and his bear‘ and, (oh no!) daddymack again, with ‘Looie likes worms‘.

Awesome job, everyone! Take a breather and check out our new Christmas contest (deadline is november 30th so don’t relax for too long 😉

You can check out the complete contest results in our new contests archive.

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