A Beautiful New Palette of Colors for Your Ceramic 3D Printing at Shapeways

Now your designs can be 3D printed in a range of beautiful ceramic glazes with our new pastel palette of colors along with satin black finish to join our existing black and white gloss ceramic finishes.

The new ceramic palette includes Avocado Green, Pastel Yellow, Eggshell Blue and Satin Black we will also be introducing Satin White as soon as we are 100% happy with finish.

The design rules are the same as the existing ceramic materials and glazes requiring a minimum 3mm wall thickness to your designs but there will be changes in the pricing of 3D Printed Ceramics to reflect the cost of the glazes as we end the promotional pricing on the gloss black glaze.

Gloss White will be priced at $0.18 per cm2 of surface area

Gloss Black will be priced at $0.19 per cm2 of surface area

Satin Black will be priced at $0.19 per cm2 of surface area

Colored Glazes will be priced at $0.20 per cm2 of surface area.

The quality of the glazes are stunning with even coverage over the surface area and the satin finishes are a getting people really excited in the Shapeways office here in New York. Check out the examples below with Bowie the Bunny by Baroba and the Oslo Coasters by Studio Hansen.

Satin Black 3D Printed Ceramics at Shapeways Avocado Green 3D Printed Ceramics at Shapeways Eggshell Blue 3D Printed Ceramics at Shapeways Pastel Yellow 3D Printed Ceramics at Shapeways

We will add the new ceramic material option to all items that currently have ceramics enabled as a 3D printing option, Shapeways Shop owners you will need to enable the new colors on your product pages.

If you do not have ceramic currently enabled on your products you will need to enable it in the material selector on your product page.

Let us know what you think of the new colors, we are really looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

Satin White Ceramics will follow VERY soon. 

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