What does a 3D printed bunny cost?

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The materials page gives an overview of the materials and their properties including the price. At Shapeways, the price exists of material price and handling fee. Here’s a quick overview for the different materials categorized into plastics, metals and glass for Bowie the Bunny from BAROBA’s shop

What does a 3D printed bunny cost?

Please note prices are in US Dollars from Europe so VAT is included. The exact volume is not specified because it is a shop owners model but it can be used as an indicative comparison across different materials.

See the infographic in larger format.

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  1. Osborne

    This sounds cool. The overview above is very attractive. Nice post. Thanks for posting.

  2. Anarkik3D

    Very many thanks for this information as it will be so useful for the courses we start to run over summer on 3D modelling for 3D printing, especially as we have one of the bunnies in white strong and flexible to handle!

  3. lensman

    Looks useful but with a 2mm wall thickness it wouldn’t be printable in stainless steel, according to your own design rules…

  4. Virtox

    I think blue may be the material cost and red the handling fee?

    Personally I’m puzzled by the unnecessary crossing of the lines..
    If you move Alumide above glass, and move the text block for glass above the one for metal, no lines need to cross. And perhaps move Silver to bottom.

    Or is that all just too boring? 😉

  5. Charles Pax

    As a former physics teacher this chart breaks my heart a little.

    -The X axis is not labeled
    -The Y axis is not labeled
    -There is no obvious sorting method to the data along the Y axis
    -The meaning of the red and blue on the bars is not indicated
    -Red and blue are used to indicate plastics and metals respectively, but those colors are used again on the bars to represent something else
    -The Y axis should be sorted by some meaningful quantity like hardness. Price is not useful because we can already see that via the bars.
    -You already use colors to indicate materials making the confusing spaghetti circus of arrows redundant.
    -The denomination of the cost is not indicated
    -The folder-icon-like blocks between the material names and the Y axis have no obvious purpose
    -There should probably be a link to BAROBA’s shop

    1. Charles Pax

      Ouch, that’s sounds a little more trollish than I intended it to be. Sorry about that.

  6. pfeiffer stylez

    I like it, and I think the slightly “puzzled” look is intended.

    But what’s about Ceramic and FCS ?

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