Walking House

Who says a house has to remain in the same place all the time? The Danish art collective N55, together with engineers from the MIT have designed a house that can simply walk away if you fancy a better spot (say, if a flood is coming or you simply don’t like your neighbours anymore). It has all the basic necessities for living on board – a living room, kitchen, toilet, bed and a wood stove.

One comment

  1. aws357

    Awesome :D

    Now if they could just make one that looks like a victorian manor and give it a little steampunk look (with gears, steam engines, and chimneys) it would totally rock my world…

    Oh. This house should clean itself automatically.
    They would call this feature “house pooping function”.

    Basically when you compact trash in the house it leaves a little turd on the ground where it left… 0:)

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