Aerodynamic Wind Powered Outdoor Lighting

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Aerodynamic design and modeling has been a mainstay application of 3D Printing for a long time. Only recently, as costs have decreased, are we starting to see this applied to the design of consumer products.

Margot Krasojevic’s Air Turbine Light is an excellent example of this. 3D Printed in a ceramic material, the lamp is lightweight, perfectly balanced, & aerodynamic. Most impressive is the fact she has been able to realize this design from concept to finished product without a large development team or investment.

The finished product looks great and is appealing as an eco-friendly and cable-free solution for garden/patio lights.

On Archello Margot describes the lamp’s aerodynamic design:

A digital model simulated the dynamic qualities of the design by working out and applying the physics of wind speeds and direction which has influenced the design and the aerodynamics of the form.

The lamp is a functional propeller that uses the wind’s kinetic energy to turn it. Light is generated by the spinning of wire coils past magnets generating electrical current to power the LED bulbs. Appropriate to its shell form the design has been printed in a ceramic material that is lightweight and durable enough to spin in the wind.

Credit: Margot Krasojevic
Via: Archello & TreeHugger

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  1. Julie

    It’s just amazing design. Your idea of using tidal energy for lighting the space is truly appreciable.

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