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Shapeways Christmas contest!

Christmas is coming

Can you design the most christmassy model:
perhaps an ornament to go in a tree, a 3D printed stocking, a
personal touch for your living room, anything really, as long as it
brings Christmas cheer.

To participate, upload a model and add
the tag christmas to it.

The winner will win:

The song White Christmas by Bing Crosby
from Itunes.

Set of 20 Folding Gift Boxes!!!

Christmas Carol (Ultimate Collector’s Edition)

Bucket Snow in Seconds


$250 in 3D printing!

Submission deadline: 30th of November, Winner announced 1st of December. Some have asked so we shall give: Shapeways staff will judge this contest. The winner will be determined to be: that model that can give the most Christmas cheer to the most people.

Image credit: Creative Commons: Attribution, Fabio Luiz Santos.  

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