Friday Finds from the Shapeways Community

This week the Shapeways community turned up the 3D printed awesome another notch… Check out this cool desktop gift.

I respect one of the most experienced software
engineers on our project. He is very humble, attempting to divert
recognition and point out the accomplishments of others. Despite his
protestations, I believe he has saved our company a fair amount of money
over the course of this project (I think he’s been on this project for
5+ years now). So, I wanted to honor him with a desk sculpture. The
whole team chipped in for the cost of the print. I am going to attempt
to get this painted by Monday, since we’re doing an important test event
this week.

This piece is intended to be in the “steampunk” style – a sort of retro
future where things are powered by steam and mechanical means, and the
style is roughly Victorian / Industrial Revolution. The little plaque on
the front says <his name> and “Chief Engineer”. The strange
machine one which he leans is meant to be an imitation of the sort of
product my company produces, since I can’t represent software itself

Thirty Interweaved Hexagons by fdecomite is, 30 interweaved, hexagons…

Pixel Charcters by fpad77

The Seed of Yggdrasil by Joabalwin

The design is based on the classic Celtic-style knot symbol for the World Tree from Norse mythology, Yggdrasil.

Inside the leaves you can see a small sphere of blue. If you look
reaaally carefully, you could notice that the continents in the blue
ball are in the shape of Pangea and not our current distribution.

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