Life’s Memorable Moments Captured In 3D

There are a lot of events in life that deserve a spot on the mantle piece or get framed on the wall. Whether it’s a wedding, graduation, or birth of a child, we take photos in order to have something tangible that reminds us of that moment and so we can share the memory with others. There’s a trend emerging to capture these in 3D and print something much more tangible than a photo.

Check out these wedding cake toppers custom designed to look like the Bride & Groom.
Credit: Yoni Binstock

Designer Yoni Binstock is using front and side portrait photos together with a tool such as 123D Catch to reconstruct a facial model and texture this on to a cake topper design.

Recent mother Clare Cunningham captured her newborn baby using the Trimensional app on an iPhone.

Credit: Faberdashery

You can only imagine the Grandparents’ joy to have a 3D replica of this wee one on their bookshelf.

While these techniques do a pretty good job of capturing the likeness of a person, what we really need is a 3D scanner with decent resolution. What ~18 million Kinect owners don’t realize is that they have such a scanner in their living room.

See what Tony Buser has done, capturing and creating a family portrait using Kinect.
Credit: Tony Buser

Just by connecting the Kinect to a PC running ReconstructMe or 3Dify software, it’s possible to capture a full color model with fairly decent resolution. Within no time, you could tidy up the model, upload it to Shapeways, and have it printed in Full Color Sandstone.

Now think of all the jewelry and other objects that could be personalized in the same way. I’m working on a scan of my daughter and crafting it into a silver locket for her Grandma. What ideas do you have?

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