Mister Dejavu Brings 3D Printing to the Dutch Club Scene

Ruud van den Muijzenberg from our Eindhoven team explains…

The Dutch company Dejavu Events is one of the first promoters in dance events and DJ space to use 3D printing to add an extra dimension to their music. On the night of April 22nd, they launched their own artist “Mister Dejavu,” who was wearing a mask and necklace printed by Shapeways.

What is the idea behind Mister Dejavu, and why is 3D-printing a good way to create this act?

The idea behind Mister Dejavu is very simple…Our concept is [to create] our own DJ / alter ego who has all the skills of a popular DJ, but then in a way we want it. We are ambitious and hungry,
we are constantly trying to create something new. The act of surprise is
something we always try to use. It is important to excite the crowd and
keep them involved with the event.

Designing a 3D printed mask is a perfect way to create a [unique] identity. Anything is possible. Together with Erik Scheepers (Frisky Design) we made a 3D design which suits our vision. The speed of production, the material and the price were the breakthrough for us.

Your event R&B Sunday has grown quite a lot in the last 2 years in Eindhoven. Did the fact that you are moving the event to the impressive club Bermuda Eindhoven inspire you to do something extra, and thus decided to launch “Mister Dejavu” as your own artist?

We had an interesting year, changing locations twice because we were constantly expanding. We chose to launch Mister Dejavu at this moment because we want to impress the visitors with something completely new and add a new dimension to our event. We had this idea for a long time already, but we decided to wait until the world was ready.

In what other ways do you think you can use 3D-printing for your events?

Last month, we ordered a Dejavu necklace at Shapeways (also designed with Frisky Design). It is a black/white SLS necklace of our company logo. We give the necklace to our visitors so they can hold it while posing for party-pictures. We also use it for pictures with exclusive artists. Until now we used the necklace at 3 events and were overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reactions.

Within the concept of Mister Dejavu, we see various possibilities to combine the mask with new themes. Furthermore we realize the possibilities are endless. Everything we imagine can be created very quickly using 3D printing technology. We could even think of decorations for the DJ booth or complete costumes for the artists. Everything is possible!

Have you already considered selling your designs / gadgets?

We have already been thinking about a keychain based on our logo. What do you think of a miniature version of Mister Dejavu? We are brainstorming with Frisky Design as we speak.

Since 2007, Dejavu Events has been an active promoter of dance events in
the Netherlands. The organization was founded by three young
entrepreneurs with a passion for music — Zuhoor Tolou, Julien ter
Horst, and Daan Mulder. They now throw events across the Netherlands and

Photos courtesy of Tom Doms.

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