The Third Industrial Revolution: Economist Video of 3D printing and Shapeways NYC

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As Paul Markillie of the The Economist wrote last week, “NEW YORK CITY was once the capital of manufacturing in America, with more than 1m people working in the sector in 1950. Today that number has shrunk to a mere 80,000…Yet nourished by [the] entrepreneurial spirit [of NYC], a new industry is emerging. It might be
called social manufacturing.”

We spent some time with The Economist last week in our NYC headquarters and distribution center. Check out “social manufacturing” in action.

Congrats to all the Shapeways community members whose beautiful designs got airtime, including: Anders
Hansen, BAROBA, Bathsheba
Grossman, Bits to Atoms, Continuum Fashion, Cunicode, David Krentz Dinosaurs, Gilbert13, Joshua Harker, Kaetemi, Kevin Wei, Kurt Van den Branden, MineToys, Nervous System, Schreer Design, Sevensheaven, Stony Smith, Theo
Jansen, and Tristan Bethe.

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  1. Thomas Delacruz

    This is only going to be better and better, and I’m happy with the 3D models I’ve ordered so far:)

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