Shapeways member interview: Rob & Incara Mack

Today we are interviewing Rob & Incara Mack. This father and daughter duo have uploaded quite a few models to our site. Rob has been a great community member, developing his handy test piece models so that everyone can order easy cheap 3D printed parts to see the differences in the materials for example. Incara in her own right is notable for being our youngest Shapeways member at 10 years old. Her model, Incaras first character is adorable and she modeled it herself! You can check out Rob and Incara’s great models here.

So tell us a bit more about

We are Rob and Incara from Sydney
Australia. We’ve got a very creative little family here with all of
us having our own styles and forms of expression. I’m 37, Incara is
10 and has a sister named Aurielle who is 12. We’re very interested
in toy design and production at the moment and are planning to get
serious about it in the next year or so.

So how long have the two of you
been 3D modeling?

Rob: about 10 yrs, I started in FormZ,
moved to Alias Auto Studio for industrial design and jumped from
there into Maya, 3ds Max and Zbrush and have been character pipeline
focused since

Incara: I started when I was about 7, I
was animating stuff in Maya but I only really started to get serious
about making cool characters when I saw that I could have my model
made into a toy

Where did Incara learn
modeling/3d design from?

Incara and Aurielle both share the
office I work in and have seen me working in 3d (I freelance from
home) most of their lives. They are both interested in digital art
and I try my best to help them move in which ever creative directions
they want to go. Incara is pretty good with 3ds Max as well as being
a bit of a zbrush ninja.

Incara drew these characters a few
weeks ago with the intention of modeling them and they’d been
sitting on my desk since… She’s currently developing a portfolio
because she plans to apply for a specialized art and design high
school. I asked her if she’d like to have her characters made into
a toy, showed her the shapeways website and her eyes lit up. ‘Dad,
can I work on my characters now’ … ‘Dad, can I work on my
characters now’ … ‘Dad, can I work on my characters now’
followed constantly until the model was finished

Do you two design together?

We paint, draw, sculpt and generally
make loads of mess together here… Myself, Incara and Aurielle have
designed and created characters and produced short animations
together since they were 5 and 7 years old

Why do you use 3Ds Max?

We use 3ds max because it’s pretty
easy to work with, I spent 8 years with Maya and while it’s a
stunningly elegant piece of digital engineering it’s not really kid
friendly. My girls like the simplicity of Maxs modeling toolset but
really the future is Zbrush. We’ve been working in Zbrush here
since about 2004. Both my girls enjoy the interface and opportunities
it offers them. Incara says Zbrush is like working with clay but you
can use cool special effects.

What was the most difficult
thing about making the character?

Lots! Inc says the most hardest thing
was almost everything!.. Incara made the hands 3 times before she was
happy with them. She also says the teeth were pretty tricky to get
right inside the mouth. Oh and the birds feet so that they were
attached to the hand and bird properly.

Did she do it all by herself?

100% yep and she’s quietly very proud
of it

So, tell us about him.

Incara: He’s a fatty
He’s like a friendly innocent monster who always hangs out with his
friend birdy

What will your next character be

Incara: I’ve already started
sketching a set of character toys made from peanuts like Super
Peanut, Sleepy Peanut and Party Peanut. They are really cute and each
one has their own unique personality

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  1. Ann Marie Shillito

    Hello Rob,
    So you are DaddyMack. I really enjoyed your interview and very impressed with Incara’s enthusiasm and creativity. I wish her all the best with applying to a specialized art and design high school. She has a good start.

    In your comment to my piece in ‘interesting links’ your wrote: ‘Interesting indeed… Got any links?’ I added one further down the page to link to our haptic (virtual touch) sketch/modelling project, AnarkikAngels, which is using the crowd sourcing concept to fund and feed development. I would appreciate yours and Incara’s feedback on the video of the Cre8 software (we are building on Cre8 and the new one is called ‘cloud9′) particularly about its apeal for people who are not digital 3D modelling literate. This is important to us developing software for this area and now Cloud9 has export created objects to .slt file format for 3D printing. Today I uploaded 4 test pieces to Shapeways. 3 have been successful, the 4th has a ‘manifold’ error so we will check this out and pin point the problem as it might be in our coding and needs tweaking. One at least will be 3D printed.

    I love your bowls on your page.

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