Upcoming Shapeways & 3D Printing events, wherever you are!

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Hello world. We’re so excited to hear stories from Shapies across the globe, and we want to meet you, in person, wherever you are! We’re hosting several meet ups and will be at several others in the coming weeks. Here’s a round-up of where you’ll find us:

Plus more to come…sleep is for the weak.

Though we sadly can’t traverse the globe to meet you all just yet, chances
are there are Shapeways community members in your neighborhood.

Check out Meetup Everywhere to find the nearest community, and if you don’t see one, we hope you’ll start one of your own!

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  1. Shapeways Blog

    What do you get when a successful Shapeways designer invites 3D printing lovers in London? A pub that’s bursting at its seams! Over 50 people joined us in London last week at our first European community-powered meetup, organized by

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