Anarkik3d Running a 2 Day 3D Course for 3D Printing

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Anarkik3D’s 2 day course is an intensive for applied artists and creative people, focussing on what Anarkik 3D Design and 3D printing and how to use it to bring in revenue. 

Running from their offices in Edinburgh the course will give you a ‘hands on’ experience of Cloud9 for fluid and organic 3D designing and information on both 3D printing and marketing your 3d prints.

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  1. Ann Marie Shillito

    Duann, Thank you very much for flagging our courses here. We have the dates for the 2 x 2 day course/workshops: 1) 29th and 30th June, 2) 1st and 2nd of September. A 3 day course is being organised for between 26th and 29th July.
    The emphasis is on the requirements of artists, applied artists and designer makers who are non-CAD users and want to access 3D printing.
    The software is, of course, Cloud9 which uses a 3D haptic device to replace the 2D mouse. The whole bundle (s/ware, haptic h/ware and 2 day course) is one of the perks we are offering for contributions to our IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign (

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