Hi Shapeways, I’m Guido. I will be contributing to the blog.

Guido, blog contributor

Hi Shapies!

My name is Guido. I’m excited to have
the opportunity to be a contributor to the Shapeways blog and closely
follow what the community is up to and what thrilling designs you all
come up with. I will be posting on academic research including my own
research endeavors and as a designer I cannot resist to present
information in a simple but attractive way through infographics.

A little about myself. I grew up in Eindhoven where Shapeways’ roots are. I have a background in industrial design and I have worked as a designer and freelancer on various projects from furniture, packaging to websites. Right now, I’m doing research at Umea Institute of Design about 3D printing and how this amazing technology will enable customization of products and what that means for the role of the designer as well as the consumer.

I’m currently living in Umea, the beautiful and cold north of Sweden, among reindeers and where I enjoy riding around on snow scooters.

I will be posting soon.

Hej da!

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