Do You Want To Apply For The Goodnik Residence : Products Of Design

Products of Design is looking for a creative entrepreneur who is creating a product that will have a positive impact on the world as Resident Goodnik for their Summer Residency Program…  

The Products of Design is an absolute DREAM PROGRAM at the School of Visual Arts, a new two-year masters program that prepares exceptional practitioners for leadership in the shifting terrain of design. The faculty and guest speakers are the absolute pinnacle of design minds imparting their wisdom including Paola Antonelli, John Thackara, Becky Stern, Stefan Sagmeister, Anthony Dunne and more headed up by Steven Heller and Alan Chochinov.

Before taking the first class of students in the fall, Products of Design is using the space as a coworking facility for innovative entrepreneurs. This space includes a dedicated work desk in an open environment, and access to the Visible Futures Lab. The Visible Futures Lab will be ramping up operations thru the summer as they move into their new space. As machines and space come on line, access to the Lab

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