Now everyone can have smooth alumide 3D printed products.

We mentioned earlier this month that we had been experimenting with polishing alumide and now we are happy to say we can offer it as a material option.

Triangulated Cuff by Archetype Z Studio

Rodin Pendant by Natalia

The design rules for polished alumide will be slightly different to standard alumide design rules but we will also be adjusting the design rules for standard alumide, reducing the minimum wall thickness to 1.2mm, polished alumide will require a minimum wall thickness of 1.5mm and increasing the awesome.

We will be running polished alumide for until May 18th as a promotion to see how popular it is.  During this time we will have reduced pricing for both alumide and polished alumide.

Alumide: Promotional Pricing ($1.50 + $1.75/cm3)

Polished Alumide: Promotional Pricing ($1.50+$2.00cm3)

If after the one month trial we continue polished alumide the retail pricing will be set at ($1.50 + $2.25/cm3).

* Design Rule Update *
Latest test results are in! Due to popular demand we have lowered the minimum wall for Alumide! See below for new awesome rules:
– Minimum wall: 0.8mm for Alumide and Polished Alumide
– Minimum detail: 0.6mm for Alumide and Polished (though to get crisp details, we recommend thickening to 0.8mm)
– Minimum wires: 1.3mm for Alumide, and 1.5mm for Polished Alumide (wires are fragile and easily broken, please remember to thicken your wires!)

We hope these new rules will make your designing process more flexible and enjoyable. Want some more inspiration? Check out this iPad holder printed beautifully with the new Polished Alumide.

Padfoot (for iPad 1) by Michiel Cornelissen

As with previous launches we will not automatically add this new material to any shopowner’s page since we do not know that the designs would meet the design rules, or what the intended markups would be. We will, however, add this material automatically to non-shopowners product pages to make it easier for you to do test orders.

We really like the improvement that polishing makes to alumide and everyone who has seen it loves the smooth finish, we hope you will too.