Design for 3D Printing with Shapeways & ProtoSpace: Utrecht

Along with our Meetups Everywhere, we are starting to help more people learn how to get started designing for 3D printing, the next taking place in Utrecht at Protospace on Friday April 27th.

This class presents the foundations of 3D modeling and 3D printing,
and uses SketchUp (Google’s free 3D modeling software) to apply those
concepts. In the exercise, you will create a customized keychain, learn
how to get it 3D printed on Shapeways, and sell customized versions of
this and other products in your online shop.

Bring your Mac or PC laptop (SketchUp does not support Linux), your
charger, and an external mouse. We do recommend that you create an
account on Shapeways and download Google SketchUp prior to the class.

Visit our Meetup page for details.

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