Shapeways User Meetup Report: Utrecht, The Netherlands

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On March 30, over 40 Shapeways members met in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Instead of at a bar (our usual meeting spot), we met at the ProtoSpace FabLab – a wonderful place filled with art, machines (laser cutters, CNC machines, Ultimaker printers and more!) and people who just love to make their own stuff.

We invited two well-known community members to give a short presentation about their work. Dario Scapitta showed us his amazing jewelry and how the new materials and production options inspire him. Michiel Cornelissen explained how his love for creating things dragged him away from his job at Philips Design and had him start his own company.

After that, the FabLab crowd and Shapeways members mingled, had a few drinks and had a good time.

Next up: the community-powered meetups in London and Baltimore on April 25th and 26th. If you’d like to host one in your area please get in touch with us and we’ll give you all the help you need!


  1. Michiel Cornelissen

    Great to have a meet-up right in my own town, very happy to be able to share some of the work. You’re a bit of a slave-driver though, Bart! What’s 10 minutes… :)

    And made some nice contacts, hope there’ll be more of this.

  2. Dario Scapitta Design

    Hei, it was my first one and of course very interesting! And it was very nice and funny to present my work… I know, I know Michiel… I’ve took 25 minutes instead of 10… :-) sorry for that! Ahahah… BTW, Bart you did a good job.
    Indeed, was very cool to know a lot of enthusiastic people!
    Until the next one… Maybe at the FABLAB here in Enschede!;-)

    Duann thank you very for your mention… Just one thing, my last name is SCAPITTA… Without R! Ehehe ;-)


    1. duann


      Thanks for taking the time to present

  3. Michiel Cornelissen

    You’re right, of course, Dario – really well organised – thanks again.

    That picture up there looks like I was singing opera, did I?

    1. duann


      Our blogging software is an absolute nightmare….


  4. Dario Scapitta Design

    Ahaha! Yes Michiel it could be :-) … Maybe next time you can sing your presentation!!! ;-) ehehe

    Thanks Duann for your quickly correction… But now, as you said, my link it goes to your BLOG OVERVIEW!… can you check the right link? ;-)

    1. duann

      Oh, I made the change.

      I need Josh to help me destroy Serendipity forever….

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