Mother’s Day Make-A-Thon!

Scenario 1: Sunday, May 13th, 6pm. Mom calls, disappointed, reminding you it’s Mother’s Day. You complain that it’s an artificial holiday and your love extends beyond traditional conceptions of time or space. She blames your father.

Scenario 2: Saturday, April 21st, 12pm. Post morning caffeine, you head to Shapeways.com and design mom a custom gift she’ll be talking about for years. It arrives at your place two weeks later, fresh off the 3D printer. Mother’s Day, her eyes widen. You’re not only the perfect kid, you define perfection. She offers to do your laundry for old time’s sake.

The countdown begins! With Mother’s Day less than a month away, prove to yourself (and mom) that you won’t let procrastination get the better of you.

We’re here for the moral support, and even have a couple tools to make creating your masterpiece super easy. Get inspired with our Mother’s Day Friday Finds and the gift guide.

Happy making!

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