Infographics get 3D Printed

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Comparative information through 2D infographics has become THE way to communicate numbers at a glance.

Check out “InfObjects”, three dimensional info-visualization by Johannes Tsopanides.  Fun data driven designs with a communicative purpose.  Using opensource software he uses data to generate designs then 3D prints them as tangible objects. Within the topic of food, he has created a model based on the amount of energy, CO2 and cost of particular dishes and their ingredients. The products are not intended to be objects of utility. They rather have the function to raise awareness for the topic & could be used within the context of an information campaign. His design studio SHAPES iN PLAY have developed other projects using using parametric design & data driven geometries including a couple very cool sound based projects.

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  1. CharGyse

    This is cool. I’ve been keeping a sleep-diary since June last year, taking note of the times I go to sleep and wake up and putting them into a graph using some spreadsheet software – sadly I lost a few week of data a few days ago :(

    When I first got into 3D printing, I considered converting the info into a 3D print somehow after I had collected a year of data… I think I still will now, despite the missing data. A little solid chunk of my sleep/wake pattern. I could hang it on my wall.

    1. Denise Sanders

      This is so cool joshua! I understand 3D is very difficult to construct? You must be very intellectual! Of corse I can understand that knowing you are a architect! I have never been good with math or anything, but I know of an artist that does amazing 3D Mandalas! They really play tricks with your eyes I think. I do paint studies using color theory, which I can sometimes see as 3D, but I don’t do it intentionally! You are becoming very progressive Joshua, what next? I find dream and sleep patterns very interesting and I know a Russian sculptor who combines glass elements to demonstrate the different states of sleep in 3D. It is also incredibly interesting!~ So, Joshua, Do I send you a friend request on facebook to become friends? I’ll try it!! Best of luck to you. Keep making your art! With Loving Kindness, Denise Sanders
      P.S. Thank you for your information very much!!!

  2. Joshua Harker

    @ CharGyse- cool idea!
    @ Denise- not my work…this is the work of Johannes Tsopanides. I simply blogged about it here.

  3. Shapeways Blog

    Arts collective panGenerator has created an interesting piece entitled FLOAT. It has surrounded a fish tank (that has a fish in it) with cameras. They plot the fish’s movements, compile that & turn it into a 3D Printed sculpture. Exception

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