The Shapeways 3D Print Flex-Contest

Want to get your design 3D printed in a flexible squishy new material we have been experimenting with? 

Enter The Shapeways 3D Print Flex-Contest to get your own flexible, squishy 3D prints.

We have been playing with the material in the Shapeways office for the past few months, teased you with a video and given community members a chance to feel the material at our Meetups but now we want to give you a chance to get your models 3D printed in the flexible material. 

Please note that this material is in a somewhat experimental phase for us so we are not sure exactly how the material will react to different geometries, stresses and levels of detail so your designs will help us to understand what is possible.

We are going to choose six winners in six different categories by six different judges from the Shapeways team

For the contest we have set some experimental design rules for the new material as follows

Minimum Wall: 1.0mm

Minimum Clearance:  1.0mm

Minimum Detail: 1.0mm

Maximum Size:   200 x 150 x 300mm

How To Enter

To enter the contest:

  • Upload a new design to Shapeways with the tag Flextest by 5pm EST the 11th of May 2012.
  • Your entry must have a total volume of less than 50cm3.
  • Upload a description of your design specifying the use/context.


    • Innovative Use of Material: Judge: Nancy Liang
    • Design for Squishability: Judge: Duann Scott 
    • Best Product Hack: Judge: Charlie Maddock
    • Best Kitchen Related Design: Judge: Christian Arca
    • Fashion and Jewelry: Judge: Carine Carmy
    • Chindogu – Exceedingly Non-Functional: Judge: Mary Huang

    Terms and Conditions:

    • Free prize draw, closing date, 11th of May 2012, 5pm EST.
    • Winners will receive their 3D print in the flexible material.
    • The winner be notified in writing by May 15, 2012.
    • No purchase necessary.
    • Entry must be a new design uploaded between April 11 and May 11th.
    • By entering this competition, entrants will be deemed to have accepted and agreed to the conditions.
    • No cash or other alternative prizes available.
    • The prize draw is not open to Shapeways employees or their families.
    • The promoters decision is final

Indicative Material Qualities

  • Rubber-Like Flexibility
  • Durable and Tear Resistant
  • Long Term Stability/Memory
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Material does not dissolve in hydrocarbons, ketones, ethers or alcohols, but may lose some mechanical properties. May swell in some solvents or solvent mixtures. 

We will be using the results of the contest to work out the best design rules, printing cost, color to print in and naming of the material so your feed back is really appreciated. We are really looking forward to seeing your new designs.

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