Shapeways LIVE This Wednesday 2 PM EST For The Latest 3D Printing News

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Check out the latest materials, contests and general news at Shapeways Live. Shapeways Live is our regular monthly online meetup where we share the latest news from Shapeways and give you the opportunity to ask questions of the Shapeways team and chat amongst yourselves in an informal online setting. 

What could be new this week on Shapeways Live?

  1. A new material?
  2. A new contest?
  3. A new team member?
  4. A weird advertisement for boat insurance?
  5. All/none of the above?

Join us on to find out 2pm EST Wednesday April 11th……

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  1. Youknowwho4eva

    I saved money by switching my boat insurance to Shapeways!

  2. tessman

    Isn’t it usually 2pm ET, not 2pm EST (2pm EST = 3pm EDT)?

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