Quick Tip: How To Get Your Product Featured on Shapeways

One of the first things we look for when we search the Shapeways galleries for items to feature on the blog, home page and other social media is a great photo.  You may have a great photo on your product page but it is important you make your photo the default image to replace the greyscale render.

When you are in edit mode, upload your photographs then specify which one you would like to be the lead image used on your product page, and as the thumbnail in the galleries.  Also be sure to set your item Display To Public and Offer To Sale To Others.

We only promote items with photographs (not renders) so make sure we can see them at a glance in the galleries. If you need some advice on taking photos we have a tutorial to get you started.

Keep them coming, we LOVE seeing your recently uploaded photographs of your designs. 

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