Project RE_ by Samuel Bernier : Upcycling with 3D Printing

An experiment in reuse of recyclable objects using 3D printing.

This experiment of Project RE_ explores 3D printing as a DIY tool for
upcycling. Customized lids are created using low cost 3D printing. They
are then clipped or screwed onto standard jars, tin cans and bottles to
create new and personal objects. In the first collection 14 objects were
made : a watering can, an hour glass, a long pasta container, a bird
house, a bird feeder, a mug, a rain catcher, a maple syrup bottle, a
piggy bank, a orange juicer, a snow globe, a paint brush cleaner, a
dumbbell and a lamp.

Making modifications to existing products to extend their range of use is one of the great potentials of 3D printing as we have seen with projects like the Universal Construction Kit. Project Re_ takes this concept a step further, out of the area of play and into the reuse of every day objects to increase their potential lifespan, functionality and reduce landfill and or the energy required to recycle. The Re_ project is currently based around DIY 3D printing although I would be hesitant to use ABS 3D prints in food based applications due to some of the implications of small particles coming loose but that is not to say the same concept could not be extended to other uses and materials such as Nylon, Ceramic, Silver or Stainless Steel.

Part of Project Re_ is already available for download or 3D print via Shapeways though it would be cool to see others take this concept, explore it further and make their files available for download, reuse, remix also…

Some of the most recent practical files made available in the downloadable gallery include a Replacement motor mount for the Hacker Zoom XXLQuad-rotor phone mount and door release button for a Panasonic NNSD277B/W Microwave.

Samuel Nelson Bernier is an industrial designer from the countryside of Quebec. He studied product design in Montreal and Paris (ENSCI Les Ateliers). Project RE_ was created as a research for his graduation project at UdeM. The experiment is supervised by Louis-Philippe Pratte, founder of

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