Now with twice the amount of materials!

Okay, I know, while technically true,
perhaps I’m exaggerating a bit. But I’m simply very happy to
announce that after a small delay we can offer you now a choice:
between 2 very relevant but also very different materials.

On top of the White, very strong
material we’ve offered so far, we’ve now made available a Transparent
material with a very high resolution (meaning it will look very nice
& smooth). Obviously, there are other differences too: for
example the transparent material is less suitable to resist
temperatures ahead of 50 degrees Centigrade. This temperature perhaps
sounds far fetched but e.g. a car standing in the sun could reach
this temperature.

Anyway, this announcement suddenly
offers you a choice between function and form. While the costs are
similar. We’ll continue expanding as we go, if you have any specific
requests just don’t hesitate to tell me in the comments.



Marketing Shapeways

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