Friday Finds: New Designs by our Community!

Happy Friday everyone! I’m overwhelmed by the number of gems popping up on a daily basis — here are some of the inspiring designs that got us all “ooh-ing” and “aah-ing” in the office.

Piers de Burgh’s Pixel iPhone 4 / 4S iPhone Case, a DIY case perfect for those of us who like to keep things fresh. 

Macouno’s Dorus the Dragon, who is just too cute…

…particularly when perched on your desk

Tiny Purple Treehouse’s Girl Robot Pendant, a new addition to the girl robot collection. 

Susan Marie’s large Peacock Earrings, a flowing shape inspired by textile and pattern design.

And a special gift made by Emielrombach. This necklace is interchangeable between four hearts and a four-leaf clover!

Remember to share your latest creations in the forum (beautiful photos and links to the product page are always a plus!).  

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