Painting your 3D printed models

Bart and I had some fun painting some of our models with arcylic paint. You can use arcylics to paint White, Strong & Flexible and we wanted to show you guys that. For the both of us the last painting training & practice we ever did before making this video was in kindergarten. But, we can not wait to see what you guys will do with paint & Shapeways


  1. aws357


    Wonder if we could get people who paint miniatures to do a tutorial too…
    Something like the miniatures painting tutorials from Games Workshop.

    I can give the authorization to use my human designs if needed (scaled to miniature size) :D

    Wonder what they would think of the materials, what kind of preparations, priming they would recommend (most of Shapeways material except black are slightly translucent e.g.)

  2. Joris Peels


    thats a good idea, we do want to do some minatures painting but we need to find someone with skill at it.


  3. aws357

    Placing an ad asking for volunteers in any GamesWorkshop could be a good start :) (I know they have stores in Amsterdam)

    Or ask the store manager… (I think they are skilled miniature hobbyist themselves sometimes)

    Another idea is to find people who paint lead figurines… because they might be interested by 3D printing their figurines instead of casting lead which is toxic, not to mention hazardeoous too.

    Hope it helps. But a step by step tutorial to paint miniatures would be awesome indeed.

  4. Joris Peels

    I’ll go by one of their stores as soon as I can, I’ll be on vacation for two weeks, so it will be end of november before I can really do something with them.

  5. Tony

    All the “How to paint minis” tutorials I’ve found, they say to hit it with some primer. The material for 3D printing – does it need priming too? Or will it take paint straight away?

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