3 Dimensional Greetings & Salutations!

Howdy, I’m Joshua.  If you haven’t already caught one of my recent blog entries I am happy to announce that I’ll be adding my 2 cents here.  Big thanks to Shapeways for the opportunity to contribute.  I’m mostly focused on digital sculpture & fine arts, technology advances, new applications, & miscellaneous oddities & funnery from the land of 3d printing.  My little corner of the 3d printed universe recently got a whole lot bigger when my Kickstarter campaign–(Crania Anatomica Filigre) became the #1 most funded sculpture project in their history and #3 in Arts overall.  Shapeways did all the printing for the project & helped make big things happen in a short amount of time.

I come from a fine arts background with over 20 years experience in the toy, invention & design, special effects, rapid prototyping, and product development industries.  In 1998 I founded a boutique design & development firm servicing some of the largest global properties & corporations.  There I provided design & development support & owned various 3d printers & CNC machinery.  In 2008, I committed to digital sculpture & 3d printing as my medium & returned full-time to fine arts when I figured out how to develop my series of “Tangles” 3 dimensionally.  I currently live & work in Chicago.  Again, thank you to Shapeways for having me!


Joshua Harker

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