Friday Finds: Ana’s Favorite 3D Printed Designs from the Shapeways Community

During my time at Shapeways, Friday Finds has been one of my favorite parts of each week. Taking a little time to stop, clear away the rush of the day, and concentrate on the beautiful, weird wild creativity of the community. Your skill and ingenuity is taking 3d printing to the next level, and I’ve loved having a front row seat. 

So without further ado, here are a few choice pickings from this week in the Shapeways community: 

Benny’s Bonsai, shown here in White Strong & Flexible.

Modesty’s Starlamp, an awesome cover for your motorcycle headlight, in Black Strong & Flexible.

wjv’s Penholder Particle, a friend to those who are lost without their Moleskine. Shown in Red Strong & Flexible.

Maundy’s Clockwork iPhone Case cleverly implies that your iPhone is powered by nothing more than simply clock gears. Show in White Strong & Flexible.

Eight Formula D / Formula De miniatures in the the style of the 1971 season Le Mans competitors, from aegidian, shown in Stainless Steel.

alaswadi’s delicious Goldfish Pendant, shown in Gold Plated Stainless Steel. 

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