Shapeways 3D Printing Meetups Everywhere

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As the Shapeways community has grown we have been getting together to talk 3D printing, check out each other’s designs, play with new 3D printed materials, share tips on 3D modeling and best practices for Shapeways shops. We have hosted Meetups in NYC, Eindhoven, Sydney, Melbourne, Munich, London and Amsterdam but now we have made it easier for the community to host Shapeways Meetups Everywhere

Shapeways community members have already started to host events in Baltimore, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Atlanta and Ocala so they can meet other Shapeways users in their area.  Join them or start your own….

The Minneapolis meetup is taking place tonight, so if you are in the area grab your 3D prints and join Marcus Ritland and get to know other Shapeways community members.