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Writing For Shapeways & Exploring The Potential of 3D Printing

Hello Shapeways Community,

When Duann posted “Do You Want to Write for the Shapeways Blog?” I jumped at the chance – now I’m excited to be sharing my passion for 3D printing with you all.

I’m Paul Salisbury (a.k.a. Fabricātis) and I really enjoy cycling and sailing, both in Switzerland where I live, and New Zealand where I grew up. Since learning about 3D printing two years ago, I’ve become fascinated not only by what other people have been able to create, but also what I’ve been able to create myself.

I am most passionate writing about how personal fabrication can & should be accessible to a broad audience of any age. Many of you in the Shapeways community have embraced this and are so welcoming and helpful that the audience here keeps on growing and inspiring new ideas.

Most of my creative time is spent exploring ideas for how people could interact with 3D printing in the next 10 or 15 years and the potential changes to cultures as objects become more personal and are adapted to our lifestyles.

Here I’ll mostly be writing about “What’s Hot & Interesting” in 3D printing each week, with a bit of “Aww That’s Cute” and “Awesome Ideas” mixed in too. So let’s see where the future takes us.

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