Bvicarious tests Shapeways’ White, Strong & Flexible

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Bvicarious also known as Bryan Vaccaro has two Youtube movies online where he tests our White, Strong & Flexible material.  He bends and manhandles a small piece to show you the material properties. We think that this is great and it should be really helpful in showing you what our materials can do. 

The material White, Strong & Flexible is made by SLS(Selective Laser Sintering)on an EOS Formiga P 100. The official name of the material itself is Fine Polyamide PA 2200. If you are familiar with SLS parts and think that they are brittle, weak and don’t look good then you probably have seen other materials made on other machines. I know I’m tooting our own horn since we have an EOS Formiga but this stuff looks amazing compared to all the other types of SLS out there. If anyone is on the market for an SLS machine, you simply have to pick EOS. And once you’ve seen Bryan’s videos I think you can see why we named the material White, Strong & Flexible.    


  1. aws357

    Mmmmmh. Wonder if this could be the next Shapeways Creator product :

    Customized Super Designed MegaStrongxible InvinciBusiness Card.
    With cards with different shape or cutouts…

    Limitation :
    You better not be named Subrahmanyanbhagwat Guthapraneeshchandrasekar…


  2. Xcapee

    What is the thickness of that component he is exercising?

    1. bvicarious

      The thickest part is about 1mm. The edges are no thicker than 0.5mm

  3. Joris Peels

    I don’t know actually. You’ll have to ask Bryan.


  4. Shapeways Blog

    Our newest machine is an EOS Formiga P100. To the left you can see a picture on it. The thing with the wires in front of it is not part of the machine by the way, it is a webcam so the production guys can keep an eye on it. The EOS Formiga P100 is a S

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