Improving The Colors of Your 3D Printing at Shapeways

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To make room for the fresh new colors we are introducing to Shapeways we are going to be retiring the less popular colors currently available for your 3D prints. As of April the 4th we will stop taking orders for Winter Red, Dark Grey and Indigo and introducing a palette beautiful new colors.

We are super excited to be introducing the new colors as part of our efforts to help you make beautiful products but wanted to make sure you have a last chance to order any prints in the existing colors before we make the change and launch new colors on April 4th at 12:00 noon EST.

The colors we introduce on Wednesday April the 4th will be for a trial period, then if they prove popular we will add them to our Black Strong & Flexible as permanent colors.

Get ready for some fresh new colors that will make your 3D prints POP……

Image: Color Wheel by szb78 under Creative Commons from Flickr


  1. johnnylingo

    It’s great that the bland reds and indigo are being replaced, but what is the replacment for grey?? I need a neutral tone as a ‘primer’ for painting, and while dark grey wasn’t ideal, it was much better than white.

    1. Duann


      We have not had a great deal of sales in the grey, what is the ideal color for you?

    2. johnnylingo

      The ideal color would be similar to alumide, as I am painting my models to appear to be metal.

    3. shapethis

      Kraftwurx has nano-silver which is like medium grey and far more detail than anything shapeways has. They just launched it and a bunch of other materials. Somebody in england bought something from them. Some sort of little battleship part. Look on facebook.

  2. schnellingo

    Also need a grey, the old grey was to “red” ( the lavender…) so I never used them at all. I had a lot of stuff for grey (silver grey or alumide), specially for weapons and metall look.

    There is a grey on the second pic, that would be perfect…

    At all a flesh color would be next time also so nice. But at all yellow, green is nice to have…

    1. schnellingo

      Most of model are small, and the wallthickness 1,5 mm for alumide is to thick for them… None of my models work with 1,5 mm so I never tried it.
      I work with 0,7-0,9 mm…

      Brown = for wood, would be also I nice option.

  3. Raymond Aschheim

    I liked the beautiful indigo, very contrasted and perfect for more accurate details, visually.
    I would like in the replacement set a new contrasted color, and I would love one approaching the famous International Klein Blue: RVB 0,47,167

  4. nanobug

    The deep purple color you showed at the recent NYC office meetup was wonderfully rich. I hope that is one of the new colors.

  5. nanobug

    The deep purple color you showed at the recent NYC office meetup was wonderfully rich. I hope that is one of the new colors.

  6. Knob

    *What???* I am just gearing up and I need a gray in WSF (0.8mm walls, and I don’t want the metallic specs of alumide). I’d prefer a little lighter and bluer than the gray you have but that gray is better no gray at all.

    1. Chavaquiah

      I am also very sorry to see gray go. Although quite reddish and dark it was still better than the other colours for “technical” looking prints. Alumide looks great but is a tad too stiff for my needs and the 1.5mm min wall is a deal breaker.

      As for the replacements… well… not my cup of tea, really. Good thing you’re keeping black.

  7. moloko

    April 4th at 12:00 noon EST.

    Shouldn’t the new colors be launched already?

  8. JRT

    It is three in the morning here (Australia) where are the FRESH new colors

  9. 7PLAIN

    Do we have to calculate the mark up again based on the new colors ?

  10. nancyliang

    Thanks for all your awesome suggestions!!! The colors should be officially rolled out now. Please check your shops!

    Also, we hope that Alumide can satisfy some of the needs for grey. The old grey we had was not too consistent and some parts would show up very lavender, out of all the shopowners I polled grey was also the least popular (and even actually got requests to remove it!).

    With regards to using Alumide as a substitute, yes we are working on getting the minimum wall down for you guys! Also working on some cool finishing options with Alumide which should help out as well.

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